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What, Why, When, How?

“Go/No Go”


Every project has various amounts of Ideation whether it is formalized or just part of a pre planning review.  Strategic planning begins with a five mile high macro view and proceeds systematically to hone the many issues down to a comprehensive focal point. Feasibility work begins including phased financial, technical, aesthetic, governmental, environmental, and functional studies.


At each step we pause to evaluate and determine status for the project. The key is to do only the work required to answer the “Go/No Go” question at each milestone.


Now is the time to determine the right teams for project planning and define how they will be managed to ensure there is no overlap but most critically, that nothing falls through the cracks.  As we achieve the appropriate “Go” status a detailed, vigorous designer/consultant, vetting/selection process is enacted.


The end game of strategic planning is to develop a focused understanding of the project that inspires confidence in an owner, investor, and customer alike.

“. . . key is to do only the work required to answer the “GO/NO GO” question at each milestone.”

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