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"Stepping onto a site for the first time never fails to elicit memories of past courses, ghosts of the great designers, anticipation of a new adventure, and the challenges of planning, personalities, rock, rain, and wind.

It is a tenet that the reward is a job well done, however there is undeniable satisfaction in having a hand in the creation and in the enjoyment that it will bring to players and onlookers alike.

In truth for me, to know a passion, to experience a passion like this; that is truly the reward"

- Sam Sakocius, President, Qualitas Project Control

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Qualitas is based full time in Asia allowing for rapid response to issues as they arise

Project Ideation

Owner’s often have a vague vision for a property, but do not know what is reasonable or practical or if various ideas can fit together. Sometimes owners do not have any firm ideas for a property and benefit most by starting with no preconceptions.

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Strategic Planning

Every project has various amounts of Ideation whether it is fomalized or just part of a prep-planning review. Strategic planning begins with a five mile high macro view and proceeds systematically to hone the many issues down to a comprehensive focal point.

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Design & Pre-Construction

Design Control and coordination is a critical element in the process. There are up to nine potential entities that will have seperate design duties. It is quite common to have overlap in design or worse to have gaps. As a first step QPC uses a time tested evaluation process.

Project Management Oversight

As the project moves into the construction phase, QPC initiates a formal pre-construction kick off ,meeting, bringing all the team members together for a final check of project responsibilities. Over several days team members will commit to timelines.


Here's what they are saying...

Dominic Guzzo
COO,  Spanish Trail Golf Club
Las Vegas,  Nevada

“… Sam represented the Club in all aspects of the project: working with the designers on plans, val/sue engineering plans, bidding process, contract negotiations, construction management, and the grow-in management to the course re-opening…the course was literally blown up and put back together but kept the Robert Trent, Jr Design.  The project was a phenomenal success.The success of the project can only be attributed to Sam Sakocius.  Sam 's leadership, golf course construction expertise, management and communication skills kept the project in scope, on time, on budget, and completed to the satisfaction of ownership.At all times, his only interest was that of Spanish Trail and the successful completion of the project both toward re-opening goals and the long term value of the work completed.  The knowledge of his craft combined with his ability to look at the big picture makes him an invaluable asset to any project.  Even when issues emerged in the project, Sam 's ability to trouble shoot was amazing.  One might call him a ..problem solver,.. but I think the better term is a solution expert...   However, the biggest complement I can give Sam is that through his project due diligence and management, he eliminated issues.I would without reservation recommend Sam Sakocius for any project; project consultant, project management, or project development.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for any questions regarding Sam Sakocius or the completed project here at Spanish Trail.”

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