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Qualitas advises clients on issues ranging from the navigation of government policy and environment issues, the selection and management of the best feasibility and land planning partners, to the selection of the best architects and designers, through oversight of all design and construction phases.


Qualitas ensures that each team operates in cooperation with all other teams and in accordance with international standards and best practices while respecting the regional cultures.

Qualtias is known for not only sourcing the most qualified professionals in their respective industries, but for customizing each team and program to achieve maximum results. Qualitas is also respected for its skill in flawlessly orchestrating all teams, budgets, and schedules so that there is no overlap or places where important details fall through the cracks.


Here's what they are saying...

Ernie Deaton         
VP  Engineering and Construction
Cooper Land Development, Inc,

“Zenta is an exceptionally talented marketing, development and production executive …Zenta combines creative problem-solving, marketing savvy and business smarts with intuitive relationship acumen - she builds long-lasting, solid relationships through which all parties benefit. Having worked with Zenta on projects for NBC and CBS…,she quickly assesses the needs and budgets and expedites the deadline process through script to screen with skill and grace. Zenta is a skillful negotiator and consensus-builder – she motivates those around her to do their best work, instilling excitement and dedication in both her teams and her clients. Zenta would enhance and strengthen any organization's team.

Qualitas is based full time in Asia allowing for rapid response to issues as they arise

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