Owner’s often have a vague vision for a property, but do not know what is reasonable or practical or if various ideas can fit together. Sometimes owners do not have any firm ideas for a property and benefit most by starting with no preconceptions.


QPC will step in with an ideation process that turns those vagaries into a cohesive concept.


When in Project Ideation mode, QPC combines imagination and technical expertise with on the ground experience to develop owner’s dreams into inspired financially and logistically feasible realities.


QPC is up to date with latest and most popular “state of the art” project concepts around the world.  Our core foundation of technical and logistical expertise coupled with our sense of aesthetic design and penchant for fun allow us to produce seamlessly connected and scalable modules that that are perfectly balanced with the financial needs of any size project.

“. . . ideation process that turns those vagaries into a cohesive concept.”



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