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Design Control and coordination is a critical element in the process.  There are up to nine potential entities that will have separate design duties.  It is quite common to have overlap in design or worse to have gaps.  As a first step QPC uses a time tested evaluation process to assemble and vet the right design team.  Qualitas’ role in the design process is to coordinate and serve as a point of central review as well as the primary disseminator of critical information to ensure the different design elements mesh. This is a key element in preventing costly variances due to lack of coordination between designers. Designers are left to their own accord to choose where their responsibilities end and what information may or may not be relevant is a prescription for eventual gaps and budget overruns. Qualitas through constant monitoring and conducting of design team meetings maintains vigilance throughout the design process.


During the design control process a cost control strategy begins to be implemented. The organization construction team and the construction management team options will be evaluated and developed in the project organizational structure. These element will be used as a baseline for developing budgets and cost control process ensuring a finish within the financial parameters, and on time.


As design work nears completion, the preconstruction process begins with the refining of the final budget, value engineering, tender process, identifying project specialists and management team members, vetting and choosing the contractor, refining of the schedule, organizational chart, and project manual.

“It is quite common to have overlap in design or worse to have gaps”

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