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QUALITAS PROJECT CONTROL is the mothership of our consulting entities and the hub for international and USA domestic transactions. As a multinational company Qualitas seamlessly facilitates business transactions from country to country both in and out of the USA.

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Align Golf, LLC was created to fully integrate and align the technical, financial, design, and project management services of Qualitas Project Control and Dragon Rock. Through this single entity we can offer clients “right size” services specific to their exact needs without costly extra layers. Whether it is a 100% plan, design, build, management project or just filling in the gaps of an established development company, Align assures a perfect fit.

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Dragon Rock's mission is to represent Non-Asian Companies who wish to establish a presence in Asia without the expense, stress and steep learning curve that executive relocations bring. Dragon Rock works synergistic-ally with PCI to provide the best in customized, elite Golf Development Consulting Services, Personalized Representation and Effective Branding Initiatives in SE Asia. Draon Rock is also the production entity for the TV Show, "Breaking Ground", a golf-related Asian Travel Show about building Golf Courses in exotic SE Asian Locales.

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Project Control International is renowned as a global experts in all aspects of golf development. PCI specializes in the technical aspects of golf functionality, design quality and feasibility, efficiency, and technical soundness over the course of planning, design, and implementation. PIC based in SE ASIA enabling rapid response time to any issues as they arise.

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